Monday, January 4, 2010

Wine Labels

I drink wine but I’m not a wine connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination.  

My husband and I stopped to replenish our stock today and I bought this bottle of wine because I loved the label, I’m not sure I even looked at what type of wine was in the bottle and honestly I didn’t care. I had to have this bottle with the adorable label.

Isn’t this label great?


The next three wines were gifts from  my father-in-law.    I absolutely love these labels and I kept the empty bottles because I liked them so much.   The Shady Lady and Foxy Lady wines describe the wines as a lady on the back of the bottle.   Wouldn’t that be a fun label to design?  These are very nice wines in addition to the cool labels.    They are from Windwalker Vineyard and Winery in Fairplay, California.   If all is goes right in the world, I’ll be there next week sipping wine.

DSC_0460 DSC_0465










Foxy Lady:  “Va-Va-Voom”   Heads turn when she enters the room.  She the one with the slender neck and the long legs.  Our local bombshell is always the life of the party.  Her confident stride hides her secret well.  We know that she is much older than she looks. Yes, for well over a century, this foxy red head has satisfied the crowd with unanimous appeal.  Her spicy scent and smooth curves are a winning combination.   Everyone wants her at their table.

Shady Lady: She came to this country with a long dark past hoping to hind among California’s oldest vines.  Her exotic good looks and seductive essence are deceiving.  To the knowing pallet, she cannot hide her true Italian roots.  But beware! Though her secret is out, few can resist the spell of this mistress of disguise.


I thought this label was really neat.  The artwork is a reproduction of a 1895 vintage advertising art nouveau poster for bicycles in Paris, FranceDSC_0458

Wine labels, for me, they’re part of the fun of drinking wine.    


Missy said...

Very cool!! I have to agree the lables are neat but the best part is sipping the wine, lol!! Have a great vacation and remember to restock your shelves for sure!!

Luv ya bye!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Have a wonderful vacation!! Enjoy some sunshine for me! What a perfect time to go someplace warm. I am a champagne kind of gal the bubbles and I just buy cheap stuff but put it in a fine looking glass! :)