Sunday, October 3, 2010

Recovered Kitchen Chairs

I have never liked the  fabric on my kitchen chairs so I decided to change it.

Recovering these seats was incredibly easy, fast, and inexpensive.

My chair before:


I removed the seat.  It was held in place by screws so I just had to loosen the screws and it popped off.


Once the seat was off,  I put the new fabric right on top of the old since the old fabric wasn’t dirty or in terrible shape.  It was just blah.


I simply stapled it on, pulling it tight.


The best tool for this is an electric staple gun.   I heart mine. 


I am not particularly neat, on the bottom.  I just staple, staple, staple.   Puckers on the bottom don’t matter like they do on the top.


When the seat was covered, I screwed it back on to the chair.

DSC_0317 - Copy

Wa-La!    Completely different look.

DSC_0310 - Copy 

This project cost about six dollars for fabric for all four chairs  and  took less than two hours.   

DSC_0332 - Copy

I didn’t mention I was doing this but my husband noticed the change right away when he came home and thought they looked great.