Friday, January 29, 2010

Grandma’s Gnarly Plant Stand

My Grandma had a plant stand in her house that was unusual. I must have made a comment at one time that I liked it.

A number of years ago, Grandma sold her house and moved into assisted living. My mom told me that Grandma was giving me a plant stand, because I liked it. Truthfully, I didn’t remember exactly what plant stand she was talking about.

My first thought when my mom brought the plant stand to my house was “Oh my, where am I going to put that thing?” It was a big, very heavy, gnarly tree branch with log slices mounted on it to hold plants. I didn’t think it went with my house; I brought it in anyway. Surprisingly, I really liked it as soon as I put it in my house. It seemed to be just the thing my family room needed to keep it from getting too stuffy.


It makes my home unique and interesting. I’m guessing no one has one exactly like it. I’m so glad my Grandma gave it to me. I need to ask her where she got it. There might be a story, or she may have picked it up at a garage sale - furnishing our homes from garage sales finds is a family trait, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

017It is in a north window in my house , and is the perfect place to keep my geranium blooming (just barely) all winter.



Anonymous said...

I like it! Nice format change on your page too by the way! Jay

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your print is a little small..but it might just be my eyes!
There was a fellow for several years that set up these plant stands for sale across from the store in Osage..I bet that is where she got it. Your plants look wonderful:)