Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lake Tahoe

On Tuesday, my husband and I drove up to Lake Tahoe from Carson City where we were visiting family.  He thought I would like to take some pictures of the lake.  

We started out going around the east side of the lake.   We drove through Incline Village, which some locals call Income Village because of the enormous, expensive houses. They were fun to see.  We continued to the California side of the lake.  The road on the Nevada side of the lake was well plowed; the road on the California side was not.  We were going to drive around the whole lake.  We’ve done this before. 398    402    It was gorgeous.


We stopped a number of times so I could take pictures.388

I took other pictures from the the car window.415

The snow was thick and heavy on the trees.423

We stopped to walk around.   My feet got wet.408400

The snow started falling and falling and falling.406

We had driven about half way around Lake Tahoe when I told my husband I was done. 420

The lake was beautiful but it’s hard to impress a girl with snow when she sees it seven months a year.  

We turned around and headed back to the snow free valley.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Merry Mary..wonderful photographs..especially the one lone tree and the lake! yes it looks chilly but beautiful:)