Sunday, December 23, 2012

Screaming Monkey Christmas

Christmas at my mom’s house is never quiet…but as the grandchildren have grown up there is less screaming, less crying and less general noise than in past years.  I was chatting on the phone with my sister Cindy, who lives in Anchorage, discussing that very point on Friday afternoon.    Little did I know that she was silently giggling….
She’d sent screaming flying monkey slingshots for Christmas.
You put your fingers in their mittens, pull back their body on their stretchy little arms and let the monkey fly…
When the monkey reaches its screams…. like a monkey.
Imagine twenty screaming monkeys being slingshot across the living room.   There were a couple minor injuries to boy parts.  My brother has his own high-pitched scream.   My brother-in-law barricaded himself behind presents to prevent monkey damage. 
We repeated inappropriate monkey sayings and jokes.
I laughed and laughed.  My sister got a migraine.
My mother confiscated the monkeys. 
That woman is a saint.
So, perhaps now I will go on to facebook to post pictures of the Weaver family Christmas…  
Beautiful daughter and  Beautiful sister.  Cousins giggling together.   A baby and a brother taking a nap.  Presents.  A walk in the woods with my sister.  The kids on the sledding hill.   Brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. My sister sang a Christmas song.  There were beautiful handmade wool mittens.  My mom prepared a fabulous meal.   Another perfect proper Christmas.
I love this family… just enough dysfunction to be fun and I loved The Christmas of Screaming Monkey Slingshots.   Everyone agreed it was better than the Christmas of  the Repeating Parrots.    And even though she had to confiscate the monkeys,   I think my mom preferred the monkeys to the Christmas of Glitter… she still seems a bit annoyed with that one as she pointed out some glitter on the wall.   I know Jay enjoyed the monkey Christmas more than the Trip to the ER Christmas (thank you girls for not building a huge ice jump on the sledding hill this year – fun for kids but lethal for adults!)
Merry Christmas 2012.