Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snow Soup

I love soup in the middle of winter. This particular soup, although messy, lifts my spirits because of it’s warmth. It is found very infrequently on the menu in Minnesota in January.


1 Big Pile of Snow - I find this in the mailbox area around my home.100

1 (or more) Days Above Freezing – this is usually difficult to find but is a critical ingredient in snow soup.


Mix together. For mixing, you should use the correct tools. Car tires and humans, particularly the feet are excellent mixers, however you will need to wear waterproof shoes or boots if you choose to mix with your feet. You may roll out balls and add them to the soup, this is an optional ingredient and is purely added for pleasure.

This soup may be thinned with water from downspouts.


It is critical to clean the pan when you make Snow Soup while it is still warm. If you do not, you risk severe damage to your mixers.


Enjoy! The right mix of ingredients is not likely to be available again until sometime in March.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes and old people should be extra careful..cause when it freezes again it will be really slick..not good for hips..what a sorry mess the slush is:(