Friday, January 8, 2010

Missouri Botanical Garden

My husband and I are in St Louis, Missouri today.    We were anxiously anticipating a minor break from bitter cold Minnesota but it turns out we brought the cold weather south with us.   

The cold weather didn’t deter us from visiting the Missouri Botanical Garden.  It apparently kept everyone else away though as we saw only two other visitors during our three hours at the gardens.

It was about ten degrees outside.  Much of the botanical garden is outside so I wasn’t sure we would be able to see much. 






There were also some buildings with plants and flowers.  I was really happy to get into the first one and warm up my hands and ears.








I went a little crazy with my camera taking pictures; I took over 225 pictures at the garden.   It was so nice to see green blooming plants in the middle of winter.  051

















The next building we went into was called “Temperate House.   It was warmer in this building.
















The final building we went into was called the Climatron.   It was incredible.  I wanted to move in and never leave. 


The Climatron is a geodesic dome.  It has over a half-acre of tropical plants; there are over 1,200 species of plants in the dome.  


It’s toasty warm and very moist in the Climatron.

131    139142








There are tropical birds, ponds and waterfalls.

146 155

There is also some very interesting glass sculpture. 156 180 185

Before we left the botanical garden,  I wanted to see the Japanese Garden.  

    197 198 




















By the end of the day, I was frozen but it was worth it to see this beautiful garden.  It is gorgeous in the winter and I can only imagine what it looks like in the summer. 


Far Side of Fifty said...

Well I could certainly live in that one building..the Orchids are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for taking us inside with you!! Sorry you haven't escaped the might be above zero here today!! Yipee!!
I love the Japanese Gardens with all the grasses..they look great even in the cold. Fargo is getting a Botanical Garden..I was their very first Secretary years ago when they were just getting started. It will be a great place to visit in our area!! :)

Ken Y said...

Wonderful pictures of the Botanical Garden and climatron, and all the plants! You made me feel like I was on tour of it with you. Glad you found it on your trip and liked it so much!

Missy said...

Looks like you guys had a great time on your trips!! Glad to hear that!