Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthday Moving Day

On Saturday my sweet pea turned twenty two years old.

He started a new adventure on his twenty second year.

He flew to Seattle. It’s his new home. He hasn’t lived at home for the last year but he’s lived in the same town. I’ve had a few tears about this move, which surprised me. I didn’t cry when he went to kindergarten, away to camp, or to college. But ’m going to miss being able to see him often.

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It’s a good move for him. I’m happy that he’s getting to experience other parts of the country. I’ve spent my entire life within 45 minutes of where I was born.

But I’m still going to miss him.

I spoke to him on the telephone. He was thrilled about the weather, his apartment, seeing his girlfriend, and the avocados at the farmers market. He’ll be just fine.


Summer said...

Oh Mary.....I got teary just reading this post!

Thinking of you!

Far Side of Fifty said...

What an adventure for him! Seattle is such a fun much to see and will have to visit him often!! You can take the train ya know..I have several is a great way to travel:)

Missy said...

Oh, stop it now I am tearing up.............just a second I will be right back I gotta go and get some kleenex before I ruin my computer that I just got fixed.

OK so that is better. Mary we are gonna miss Justin so much too! Does he have a new cell number? Would you text to my cell phone for me. The boys were asking so I will pass it on to them too. I am glad to hear he likes it there at least. Has he found a job yet?