Monday, January 12, 2009

Losing things

I've been known to lose things. Usually it's my keys.

I once lost my keys and after looking for a week, I posted a reward poster on my fridge offering a twenty dollar reward for the return of my keys. I hoped that it would encourage my kids to try to find my keys. I found them two weeks later, less than 3 feet from my reward sign, under the fridge.

I once lost my keys in a store. I found them by retracing my steps. I had put them down on a pile of rugs I was looking through.

I sometimes lose my car in the parking lot and wander around looking for it. At least I realize it's lost and don't call the cops to report it stolen.

This lastest incident of losing something is quite unusual. I got home from work today and went to the mailbox to get the mail like I do most days.

I can't find my mailbox! I know it's in there somewhere. It was there when I went to work this morning.

I was going to look for it but it's 5 below and windy.

I think I'll put a reward poster on the fridge and see if my husband will take out the snowblower to try to find it.


Anonymous said...

That is incredable! I lose things too, but I've never lost a mailbox. I'm a fan of your blog. :)

jacker said...
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