Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to field dress a deer

The following pictures and instructions are of a graphic nature. The content below will explain and show images of how to field dress a deer. If you are offended by graphic depictions of field dressing animals, I strongly advise that you do not continue.

I'm a country girl, I grew up with a hunting family. I believe it's important to pass these skills to future generations.
Start from the breastbone area. It is important to remove the "voice box" portion of the deer. Often the removal of the voice box is the catalyst for the kill.

It is occasionally difficult to remove some of the entrails; you may need to use some force to do so. That is OK. It will look worse before it starts to look better.

It's important to completely remove all of the entrails from the deer.

Most hunters leave the entrails at the site of the kill. (The hunter's mom cleans up the mess)

I hope you've learned a new skill tonight. ( I apologize that Rudolph happened to be the deer in this particular tutorial - many animals are killed in this home; it was Rudolph's turn tonight)


Anonymous said...

OHHHHHHH PETEY is so cute and big. Thats one way how to feild dress a deer or you use a real one and they kinda stink if you shoot it in thhe gut ---- know from experience --- Matt gut it though-- it was a pretty good size spike buck i would have to say because it weighed about 150 lbs-- matt drug it out of the woods to --- what an awesome cousin

Luv Yah
misty :)

Merry Mary said...

Misty -
I'm glad to see you at my blog! You are lucky to have such a great cousin, that's for sure. I like this way better for field dressing a deer. I think I'd faint or throw up if I saw the real thing!
Love you.

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Anonymous said...

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