Saturday, January 10, 2009

Initial Art

I have a thing for initial art.
My last name begins with P.
I have a big "P" in my kitchen above my kitchen cabinets. The P on my wall is paper mache; I painted it with flat, black, spray paint. It is surrounded by descriptive words.

I have a little friend; he is three years old. Every time he comes to my house, he points out the "Big P" on my kitchen wall.

My late mother-in-law had a P on her wall. I didn't realize this until I saw a picture of my husband's high school graduation party. There on the wall, was a letter P. It was in my mother-in-laws kitchen, just like mine is in my kitchen. She had wicker baskets hanging around the walls around her letter P. My mother-in-law and I had the same first name; we were both "Mary" and I took my husband's last name when we married so my mother-in-law and I had the same last name too. Apparently we both liked to use our initials to decorate our kitchen too. If she were still alive, I would like to ask her how she decided to put a P in her kitchen.

Today I was at the thrift store. I found a darling little gold frame. It was only fifty cents. It had a picture in it that looked like it came from the front of a post card and was in need of a good cleaning. I thought it would look cute with a P in it. I printed a P on a piece of parchment paper from my computer and put it in the little gold frame. I'm not sure if I will hang it on the wall or find a small easel to post it on in my entryway.

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Anonymous said...

How creative!