Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fly, Fly, Little One

When I walked out the back door tonight,  I saw two baby robins hop out of the nest.   The first one had no problem flying away.   The second little one had some trouble.    He landed on the deck with a thud and then hopped off into the grass.


He doesn’t have the hang of flying yet..   


He looks awkward and uncoordinated hopping around.  But he’s very quick.


Mom and Dad are both nearby.      Mom fed this little one a worm as he sat on the ground.  Both watched him and squawked at me as I sat on the deck.    I think robins are good parents.


Of the four babies that were in the nest,  I think that two or three survived.      I know for sure one did not because I found the little body on my deck. 

I hope this little one learns to fly quickly so he can get into the nest or trees where it is safer from cats and dogs and children.

He doesn’t look too happy about not being able to fly.



Far Side of Fifty said...

You captured that baby robins expression perfectly! They are good little Robins are really ugly yet:)

Missy said...

Way to cute!! You are right he really doesn't look happy at all!!

Good Luck Little Robin!!