Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday Card and Cake

My sister Tonja learned to decorate cakes in the last few years.   She’s made some really creative cakes.   She makes the cakes from scratch and they always taste great.   We tease Tonja that she should just go into business running weddings because she also sings and does photography. 

She made a cake for Cindy’s birthday.  It had  a spinner on top so you could see  what Cindy was older than.  We spun it around a lot.     Someone accidently hit the side of it getting it out of the container.  It was a tasty chocolate cake with something really yummy between the layers.   I was most shocked that she actually put the word “shit” on a birthday cake.


When my sister Lynn came over on Friday she mentioned that she had to sign Cindy’s birthday card.   I said that I’d gotten a gift but forgot to pick up a card.   She said I could sign her card with her.  I did.

She owed me.


Last Mother’s Day I got my mom a beautiful card and sent it to her in the mail.   Apparently not everyone sent a card and mom had mine displayed on a table.   My sister Lynn has a great husband, Jeff, he’s quiet and very nice.   He was at my mom’s house helping her with something when he saw the Mother’s Day card I’d sent.   He covertly changed the front cover which read “for a wonderful mother” to “for a wonderful mother-in-law”  and then signed his name after mine so the card which had read "Love Mary” now read “Love Mary and Jeff”    He put the card back and didn’t say a word to anyone.  No one noticed.  He finally mentioned to my sister about a month later. 

That’s why Lynn had to let me sign Cindy’s birthday card with her.

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Missy said...

Too funny!! The cake WAS so yummy!! Tonja does a great job!