Sunday, May 2, 2010



I recently spent a few days in Florida.  It was one of the best get-aways in recent history.

DSC_1980 (2)

It was sunny and warm. There were blooming flowers everywhere so I decided to get outside my hotel room with my camera.

DSC_1850 DSC_1857

DSC_1861 DSC_1890

I heard some noises coming from inside a thick planting of flower bushes.  There was  a tree stump in the middle of the flower bushes.   On top of the tree stump a small lizard was sunning himself.


I quickly realized what was making the noise from below his perch.   And lucky for this lizard, so did he.

DSC_1870 (2)

Someone looking for dinner.


Each time the bird would come after the lizard, the lizard would scurry down the tree trunk.   The bird looked around from the perch and then went back to the plants on the ground.   While the bird searched through the plants, the lizard climbed up the tree trunk and sat on top.  When the bird came up, he ran, fast.

DSC_1877 (2) This happened over and over.


I wondered why the lizard kept coming up to the top of the tree stump.


I guess it must have been safer for him on the stump than on the ground in the bushes.   He sure could run fast.  I didn’t think the bird had a chance.    

DSC_1876 (2) This was a really close call.

It was all happening so fast, I couldn’t tell if the bird even got close until I saw the pictures.  

Eventually neither the lizard or the bird came back to the top of the tree stump.   I don’t know if they both got tired or the bird finally got a meal.

It was really a great day for taking pictures in Florida.


Missy said...

Fun to watch I bet huh!!

Glad you had a great time in Florida! I hear you got home kinda late that night then and had to get up early to come and pick mushrooms with Randy. Hope you got back home to be able to take a good nap.

Sorry I missed ya!

Your camera sure takes great photos!!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so cool!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great flower photos..nice sunshine. I liked the action shots too..!! :)