Sunday, January 29, 2012

Missing Justin

January is almost over…. my mom used to tell me that the older you were the faster life passed by…. she is right. 

I’ve been missing my son who lives in Seattle.   He doesn’t like to talk on the phone much… or text… or email.   In person, he talks and talks and talks but on the phone I must usually settle for short conversations.

In July,  Jay and I got to spend two weeks with him and his girlfriend, Harshana.    She is now Justin’s fiancée.   I couldn’t have picked a more perfect match for him.  


We took the ferry to Whidbey Island to visit my husband’s uncle and his daughters.     We drove our car on the ferry and got out for the ride.


My son looked pretty scruffy when we arrived in Seattle.   I think sometimes he doesn’t shave just to irritate me and Harshana.    It took a few days but Harshana and I eventually wore him down. 


I miss that scruffy face.


Anonymous said...

Miss him too Thanks for the nice blog. MOM

Missy said...

I miss the boy too!