Sunday, February 12, 2012

Entertaining and Decorating

When I have a party at my house, I usually concentrate on critical areas… making sure the house is clean, picking up some flowers, and  concentrating on the menu.  I try to keep by fussbudget tendencies in check and remember that when I go to a party I’m relaxed and happy, not judgmental, and I imagine other people are probably the same.  

DSC_0389 DSC_0384

The recent cocktail party we hosted was so much fun because I had a little bit of time to prepare for it and my husband and friend handled all the food and drink preparation.  We had a Mexican theme, Sangria and Margaritas were on the menu.   I don’t think we served one Margarita.   The Sangria was just that good!  The recipe was from called Sangria!Sangria!    Delicious…


DSC_0414So, with the foods and drinks handled.  I got to concentrate on cleaning and actually had time to do a little bit of extra.     In the weeks before the party,  I sewed colorful cocktail napkins.   I also hemmed piece of fabric for the top of the island.


My favorite decorations were the paper tissue balls hanging from the ceiling over the island.   They were my take on Mexican paper flowers.   They were quick and easy to make, super inexpensive, and so bright and cheery.     I think I’ll leave them up for a while.   They make me smile.   


I wonder if my niece would like me to make some orange, black, and white tissue balls to decorate the garage for her graduation party?  


It’s been a long time since I’ve had time to spend on being a little bit creative.  I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy it.   It feeds my soul.

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