Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mount Munahana

When my kids were little they loved to climb  to and play on the tops of big snow piles.   My husband would often take them to a nearby parking lot and let them scale to the top of the snow piles.   

They pretended they were exploring a mountain, and this mountain was named Mount Munahana.    The tallest snow pile  always got this name.  




This memory came back to me today as I drove into the parking lot  at my work.   Snow is piled high, the tops of the piles really do look  a lot like mountains.   There is a whole mountain range over the fence around the lot.


This memory so made me wish I could zap both my kids back seventeen or so years to see them tackle these mountains.    I imagine how excited they would be  telling the story of climbing Mount Munahana.

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Anonymous said...

well technically this should be called MOUNT MUNAHANA, cause you always had to yell the name you see. I still like to climb snow piles