Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chili Contest


There was a Chili Contest today at work.   Four coworkers made their best chili and brought it in to the break room.


Although I think I make good chili, I didn’t  compete.  I wasn’t working today but I did stop in  to work with my husband to taste, vote, and take some pictures.


I was surprised that all of the chili tasted different.

I had a hard time deciding between chili number three and chili number four.     

Chili number four was most like the chili I make ;  I thought it was good.   It was the spiciest of the chili.    I like spicy.


Chili number three tasted most like the chili my husband makes; it  was really good too.   It had ground beef, chunks of beef (which were very tender) and bacon in it.    It also had more than one type of bean.


Chili number two and one were less spicy but still good.    Chili two had nice big chunks of meat.


Chili number one had mushrooms in it.   I’ve never had mushrooms in chili before, they were a nice addition.  It was a mild chili.


Since I didn’t enter a chili, I couldn’t lose,and I got to try four different types of chili.

I did contribute something to the contest.  

Chocolate Cupcakes for dessert.


I think they were yummy too.


Anonymous said...

looks so good, makes me hungry, I love Chili.When I don't feel well, I like chili. love mom

Summer said...

Look at those cupcakes - they were tempting but I didn't give in!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Gorgeous cupcakes! have lots of great looking food over here lately!! :)