Monday, August 31, 2009

Potato Days

This weekend, my husband and I went to Potato Days. It was my first time at this annual event. I was surprised at how much entertainment can be based around potatoes.
There was a strong man contest. The contest involved two men tying up a bag of potatoes using a needle and string and then putting the bag on to a pallet. They were timed to see how quickly they could tie and stack four big bags of potatoes.

I watched a couple of teams in this competition.

There were wagon rides.

There were craft booths and there was lots of food. Lots and lots of food.

The highlight of this day for me was the potato peeling contest. The food network was there filming for a television segment. It was kind of a big deal. Contestants competed to see who could peel the most potatoes in three minutes. There were three heats of six peelers.

The lady on the end is named Millie. The announcer said she'd been peeling potatoes for 80 years. She had lightening fast potato peeling hands. I cheered for her.

It turns out that I was standing right next to Millie's husband. He said "That's my wife" He was proud. Millie's husband said that Millie was going to be 85 years old this year. The little girl in the pink shirt in the second heat is Millie's granddaughter. I also met Millie's son; a very friendly family, as well as skilled potato peelers.

After Millie was done with her competition, she came to talk to her husband, who introduced her to me. Millie has peeled many potatoes because she makes lefse every year. Last year, Millie and her husband used 250 pounds of potatoes to make lefse at Christmas.

She also makes potato dumplings at her church.

Millie won second place in the potato peeling contest. Contestants had to bring their own peelers. Millie said her peeler was from Pampered Chef.

I use a knife to peel potatoes and my mom has remarked that I'm a "thick peeler" I guess that means I waste potatoes when I peel. Perhaps this is the tool I need to improve my potato peeling skills.

Potatoe days are held every August in Barnesville, Minnesota.


Anonymous said...

looks like a fun time thanks mary love mom

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am a thick peeler too, guess I should spring for one of those Pampered Chef peelers too. Gene and your Mom should have been in that contest..rumor has it that they used an apple peeler to peel spuds one day:)