Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Homemade Purse

I've never gone crazy for purses. If I find a purse that works, I use it until it wears out or breaks. For the last couple of years, I haven't carried a purse regularly. I have a wallet that I put cash and cards in and carry that when I need it. I do bring a pretty big tote bag to work, it holds my paperwork and my lunch; I usually throw my wallet in the tote.

I do however, have the first purse I ever got. My mom made it for me when I started first grade. It is denim and has an embroidered rainbow and sun on it. The lining fabric is a green floral. It's missing the button that used to hold it shut but otherwise it is in good shape. It is the perfect size for a first grader.

I was very proud of this purse. I remember carrying my crayons in it.

Ironically, since I've never been a purse junkie, I love making purses.

I've made some as gifts and I've even made a few on commission.

Today, I finished making a purse for myself. I'm going to a conference for work next week and decided that it would be easier to put a purse over my shoulder than to carry a wallet in my hand. It didn't take long to make, I used supplies I already had in my sewing room and the black and white goes with almost everything I normally wear. I even made a pocket inside that perfectly fits my cell phone.

I'll carry pens instead of crayons in this homemade purse and, since the conference I'm attending is in Las Vegas, I may put a couple quarters in a slot machine and see if I can fill up my new purse with loads and loads of money!


Anonymous said...

very pretty, you can allways come up with something so superior. Love Mom

Donnalynny said...

Love the purse. Do you use a pattern?

Merry Mary said...

Thanks, superior mom? really? You're funny.

Donna - I used this tutorial to make the purse. I've made so many of them that I don't even need the directions anymore and I like to try different things. They are super easy and don't take much time. Thanks for the compliment.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Merry Mary, I hope you win big and need armed guards to leave Las Vegas with gunnysacks full of money!!
Cute little girl purse..very special! I am not a purse person either..I kept leaving them places..I do have one old lady bag and a back pack. Your new grown up beautiful..have a great time at your conference! :)

West Side of Straight said...

Hi Mary - found your blog and been reading. They're all so good. Love the Dad, snake, look up story! Your new purse is awesome and love your childhood one! jo

Summer said...

You are so creative. I wish I had an inch of your creativity and artsy side.

I bet you get lots of compliments on your purse in Vegas!

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a striking purse.

Missy said...

Mary this is sooooo cute!!! I bet it worked perfect for your conference!!! Hey, did ya win anything with those quarters in it then??