Saturday, September 25, 2010

Das Wurst Haus

Last Saturday,  for a few hours,   I felt like I’d stepped back in time.

In the little town of Lanesboro, MN, the church bells chime on the  hour, bicyclists ride the Root River trail  and stroll downtown,  Amish ladies sell items on tables set up beside their buggies.


And when you walk into Das Wurst Haus for lunch, you are greeted by a handshake and a “How you doing?  Nice to see you”  from Arv. 

You’ll wonder if he’s mistaken you for someone he knows?   Do you know this man wearing striped overalls?   And then you hear him greet everyone who walks in like an old friend.


Arv takes your order for a Ruben or a Rachel or a Bratwurst  with sauerkraut and maybe a side of German Potato Salad.     If you want a beer, he’ll turn around fill a mug from the tap.   There is no choice of brand,  it is just beer.  There is also a tap for root beer.     Arv might call back to the kitchen to his wife to bring out more of the spicy homemade mustard.


As he takes orders, he’ll apologize that he’s not very fast but explain that he does make up for it by being good looking.  

When there is no line waiting to order lunch,  he’ll walk the floor and ask, “How’s everything here, guys?”

You’ll eat your delicious lunch and wish you really did know Arv or maybe that he was your grandpa.


And after Arv has made his rounds and he is certain that everyone is taken care of and doesn’t need anything more .

Then Arv will pick up his accordion and play polka music.



And when you leave and Arv waves goodbye,  you know that if you ever come back to this little town, you will come back for lunch at Das Wurst Haus.


troutbirder said...

It is a fun place. We often eat there and attend the Commonweal theater kitty korner across the street. And the mustard is the best! :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like a great place! I have been wondering about you and your weekends away..I hope things are going well for Jay ( It all sounds very interesting to me..he should start a blog! ) This will be a lonely time for you both..but at least you have PD:)

Missy said...

Sounds like a neat place to visit!!
Is it down by Jay? I have never heard of the town before. VERY NEAT!!

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like a fun guy. Do you know what type of beer it was?