Sunday, July 18, 2010

Marshmallow Face

Some things just don’t change.

It’s hard to eat certain foods without getting some on you.

kevin (2)

In 2000, my nephew Kevin was a sticky mess all weekend from watermelon and marshmallows.


Ten years later, his little sister had her own marshmallow incident.


I didn’t see exactly what happened but I have a sneaking suspicion that Katie’s marshmallow mishap had the help of a certain boy cousin of hers (quite possibly the same one who muddied up Katie’s  mom.)


Missy said... you are so right there Mary. Matt helped her out she was eating oneof those great big marshmallows I do believe and she had it close to her face and he just could not resist I!! Way to funny...sorry Katie but really we were all laughing with ya, lol!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Cute photos..looks like the kids had fun then, and they are having fun now. Your sister Lynne is a real sport about the mud..but I do suspect that she will get even:)