Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Poison Ivy

I’m blaming this little creature for my poison ivy.


When we were camping, PD, knocked over his food.   This little critter came out of the woods to pick up the pieces.


PD was not pleased.


He looked all over for the scavenger.


He ran through the woods, until his tie-out wouldn’t reach any further.   He ran right through the poison ivy after the little squirrel.

I’m susceptible to poison ivy and I know what it looks like so I stayed away from it.   I didn’t go untangle PD’s tie-out from the brush after he chased he squirrel.   I made Jay do that.   He doesn’t get poison ivy.

All weekend though, PD spent time on my lap.   We cuddled.   He likes to snuggle up to me and I like it too.


I was trying to get some sun so my tops were low cut and short sleeved.  This  likely explains the poison ivy on my arms and chest.

I think that when PD ran through the woods, he got the poison ivy oils on his fur and then gave it to me.      But I love my PD too much to blame him for my itchy misery.

So I’m blaming this guy.



Far Side of Fifty said...

And it can stay on their fur for up to four months..isn't that a fun thought? You need some jewel helps to get rid of it..I have some in the freezer and you can buy soaps with Jewel weed in it. It is miserable stuff..if it gets too bad go to the real doctor:)

Missy said...

OMG, that stinks Mary!! I hate having that stuff!! Randy doesn't get it at all either and every year we go camping and I get it from him. Good luck!