Friday, June 11, 2010

Mom’s flowers

I stopped at my mom’s house a few weeks ago to see what she had blooming.

Johnny Jump-ups.   These cuties are all over in her garden.   I love their little faces. 


I think these yellow Lady Slippers were dug up by my brother when he was clearing land to build his house, they were relocated to my mom’s  garden in the woods.


This Fern Leaf Peony plants had lots of blooms.  The color of the blooms and texture of the leaves reminds me of Christmas.


Chives have a pretty light purple flower.


When I was growing up,  we had a huge chive plant under the water faucet on the outside of our house.   I was sent outside many times to pick chives for my mom when she was making dinner.  They were often added to potatoes.      I have my own plants now and use them in my dinners too.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Your Mom has beautiful flowers!! :)

Missy said...

She sure does I am going to have to stop by there and take a look when I take a shower this weekend, lol! Camping is the best when you can run to moms to take a shower, lol!! Hope to see ya at the camp site this weekend!!

Missy said...

I got a chance to stop over and see her beautiful flowers this last weekend and wow they are amazing!!! Great job mom! She said she even had people stop by the house that were driving by to compliment her on her flowers.