Monday, April 26, 2010

Sister Weekend!

I’d been looking forward to Friday for many weeks.   I knew it was going to be the start to a great weekend.   

My mom, my sisters, and my sisters-in-law spent the weekend together to celebrate my sister Cindy’s birthday. 

Although Cindy could have stayed at home in Alaska and had a party,  she decided to fly to Minnesota to celebrate her fortieth with a girls weekend.      She knows where the fun is.


My sister-in-law Missy made all of us bags with necessities to get us through  a birthday weekend.


Among the goodies; nail polish, coffee mugs, and  tiaras.  Tiara’s with flashing lights.  


We started the night with wine.    We’ve got wine glass charms specifically for girls get-togethers. 


They have words on that describe us;  mostly I think we could all use the one with the word sassy.


Perhaps the most worthy of that title on Friday night was my sister-in-law Angie.     She had a rough day and had a lot to say on Friday night, I’ve got stories to share later this week.  She was so funny we started to write down her quips so we could remember them.     They were just that good. 


Summer said...

I wish I had sisters.

Anonymous said...

Me too :(

Missy said...

OMG, this was the BEST sisters weekend!! I laughed so much my tummy hurt!! We had so much fun giggling and talking. Mary thanks so much for hosting our weekend!!! I hope the house, Jay and PD will all recover soon for you!! LOL!

Thanks again sis!!

Angie said...

Thanks Mary for hosting an incredibly fun sisters weekend! It's great to have "sisters" to laugh with until you fall on the floor or in some cases pee your pants! I only wish I could have stayed the entire weekend without interruption. I can't wait until next year!

Anonymous said...

What a weekend, laughed to tears no wonder my stomach muscles hurt. Thank you for letting us stay Jay. :]

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your Mom just blends right in and looks so young and happy! How wonderful for Cindy to come down for her 40th:)