Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lake Superior Ice


Lake Superior is gorgeous any time of the year.

Last month when we were in Duluth, we crossed the Aerial Lift Bridge to Park Point.    There was no ice on the lake side but on the harbor side there was still some chunks of ice.


I thought it was incredibly beautiful how the little pieces of ice sparkled on the shoreline.


I grabbed my camera and tried to capture how much the ice sparkled in the sun.


I hadn’t seen anything like this before.


So beautiful.


I guess I was pretty focused because I took five pictures  from this viewpoint and then walked past but didn’t notice the obvious problem.


On the way back I almost stepped on that dead fish before I noticed it.


Missy said...

Mary they look like diamonds that is why you were so into them!! I would have been too! Remember diamonds are a girls best friend. Great photos!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh these are great..I don't suppose it was warm enough for that fish to smell! Park Point is quite an area..the only place in Minnesota that I know of that must be like living at the Ocean. We looked at houses down there once when Far Guy was thinking about applying for a job there ..long ago:)