Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Least Favorite Chore

When I was growing up, my least favorite chore was washing dishes. I HATED doing dishes. Really detested it. I dreaded every evening standing at the sink. We did not have a dishwasher until I was older, so for the majority of my growing up years, dishes were washed by hand. It took hours (or at least seemed like it) every night. A family of nine creates A LOT of dishes.

Washing dishes was a girl chore. Even as a young girl, I realized the unfairness of this arrangement. My sister and I even wrote a song about it. I don’t remember the song, which is probably a blessing, since I do recall it was set to the tune of “Like a Rhinestone Cowboy”

I don’t have any rational way to explain my next confession.

My least favorite chore as an adult is emptying the dishwasher.

Sometimes I hand wash the dishes in the sink rather than empty the dishwasher to load the dirty dishes.


How odd is that?


Anonymous said...

rhinestone house wife and I know everycrack in this dirty floor.I just heard this song on my way to your house last time and I just laughed be cause I would hear you guys singing. Love it!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

We don't have a dish washer.
Being the oldest sometimes has it's advantages..in the case of dishes..not so much..I used to get stuck with them too..but by myself as my brothers never did them. I thought the division of labor was really wrong..and swore if I ever had boys..I would change the world by raising them the "right" way..alas..I only birthed girl children. :)