Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

My husband is a creative guy.   In late summer, he decided that we should let a zucchini grow as big as possible and then he could carve it as a zucc-o-lantern for Halloween.     

270  It got very big.   It took a careful work to hollow it out. 273

He used a Dremel tool to thin the skin so the candle light would shine through and give an eerie glow.280 It was a success and he got compliments on his unusual zucc-o-lantern.

288Most holidays are centered around family, but not Halloween.  Halloween is about proximity.  It’s neighborhood and friends who  are near.  I love seeing the kids from the neighborhood and their costumes.  It’s not just the kids either.    My neighbor dog came over, she was wearing a blue wig.    She’d just been groomed and looked so cute.  She didn’t seem so impressed though.

Spiderman and a princess came over to my house to trick or treat in the neighborhood. They were very excited.   My husband and I went to a Halloween/Birthday party and a neighbor delivered his annual treat of monster cookies to our house.   The weather was cool but nice.  I reminisced about the costumes my kids wore when they were little.   How the year my daughter was Minnie Mouse, I couldn’t find red fabric with white polka dots so I had to make my own with fabric paint.   How this wasn’t our first Halloween with a unconventional vegetable carving, as my husband carved a small green squash one year when pumpkins were scarce.

293 297 316  303

I like Halloween.


I always wear my tiara and feather boa while handing out candy.  Everyone thinks it’s just dress up, but this is one day when I really feel like myself.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh you look just like a Princess with the boa! I also like the costumes.. Your Mother fed half the country..soup and fresh bread..I do not take after her in the least;)