Thursday, July 16, 2009

Max and Georgia

Meet Maxfield.

He goes by Max. Max has been staying at our house for almost four weeks. His mom and dad are in Italy. I can tell that Max misses them.

Meet Georgia.

Georgia is Max's sister (adopted, not biological). She's staying with us too. Please don't say anything to Georgia about her pudgy waistline. She knows.

Georgia and PD have a rivalry going on over almost everything. Max seldom gets involved. If PD has a toy, Georgia must have it. If Georgia has a toy, PD wants it.

I won't even mention PD's jealousy when Max or Georgia get attention from me.
I'll just say that PD has issues.
Big issues.

Every once in a while, Max decides to join in the fray. Good thing I stocked up on stuffed animals at some garage sales.


Far Side of Fifty said...

You have gone to the Dogs! How nice of you to let them rip apart stuffed animals..way too cute and better the stuffed ones than each other. Thanks for your kind comment when I was Ill, I am much better now..getting old I guess:)

Anonymous said...

Your so great those pictures and storys I check every day and sparks up my

Missy said...

OMg, this is so cute!! How long to you get to keep the two pups? They are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Just waiting for Georgia and Max get off. Not that I don't like them they are sweet but I'm waiting for a nother