Saturday, March 14, 2009

Snow Days

On Tuesday we got what my mom labeled "an old fashioned snow storm."

My mailbox has been under a drift for weeks and it doesn't look like I'll see it for awhile.
At the end of February, we had a snowstorm that covered the mailbox and since then our mailman, Chuck, has been bundling our mail and bringing it to our door every couple of days. Last week, I was finally able to dig to the see the mailbox and opened it up to find mail that had been in it for a week. The mail truck still couldn't pull up to mailbox because there was too much snow but at least we knew that it was still there.

This week's storm, however, was much bigger. We were unable to even get on to our street until Thursday night and had to park and walk in to our house.
I did try to get on to our street on Tuesday after work. I drive a four-wheel drive SUV. When I talked to my husband on the phone he said "there's a drift about four feet high at the entrance to our cul de sac that you can try to go through if you want" Apparently what he really said was "there's a drift about four feet high in our cul de sac that you can try to go through if you want to get stuck closer to the house"
I wasn't even very close to our house when I got stuck.

Plus there were much bigger drifts closer to our house.

This is on the road leading up to our house.

It's interesting that the way the wind blows , the sidewalk leading up to our house and our driveway stay relatively clear but the end of the driveway at the mailbox gets the biggest drift in our neighborhood. This photo is taken from our front door.

My husband cleared a path to the neighbors house so that I could walk in and out. Once I got past the path, I had to trudge through drifts to walk out to my car which I parked on a street.

The black mailbox you see in the photo is the neighbors mailbox. Our mailbox is somewhere just under that light pole.

Today, the sun is out and it is melting. I think I will see my mailbox again by the end of this month.


Anonymous said...

I knew you told me your culdesac was blocked but seeing the picture compared to what I had pictured in my mind at the time is wayyyyy different.


Missy said...

OMG, that is all i can say!! wow!!