Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crime in my Neighborhood

My next door neighbors found out this week that even our nice neighborhood isn't safe from burglars.

And I'm embarrassed to say that I've raised the criminal element in our neighborhood.

First of all, my neighbors have a fence but it's no deterrent to my home-grown thief. A couple of snow drifts and a little dog with springs for legs are no match for a five foot fence.

On Monday, my neighbor Kathy open up her door to let in her dog, Angel. Little did Kathy know that when Angel was in her backyard, PD spied Angel and jumped over the fence to visit. When Kathy opened her door, my little menace of a dog-burglar bounded in with Angel. PD quickly dashed upstairs, then back down. Kathy was yelling. PD got Kathy to chase him around the table. He thought it was a great game. He ran through the bedroom., then downstairs and back up. Suddenly PD spied a rawhide left on the floor by Angel, seized it and dashed outside.

He was back over the fence and innocently scratching on our patio door within seconds.

He had something in his mouth but we thought it might be a landscaping rock which he's fond of bringing into the house.

Within minutes, my phone rang. It was Kathy. She told us about PD's shenanigans at her house. She was very amused. Then she invited us over for a beer. And that is why I love my neighborhood, in spite of the criminal element that resides within it.

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EmbraceNatural said...

lol what adorable fun!