Saturday, January 1, 2011

Snow Blowing Fashion

So,  today before I went out to snow blowing through the 800 foot tall snowdrift at the end of my driveway,  I started thinking how I could write that I made a mistake in a previous blog post when I said that snow blowing is fun.

Except I didn’t.    I’ve spent a many hours snow blowing in the last two days. Shockingly, I’m really enjoying it.      
   What can I say, I was born with the gift of happiness.
I loved seeing that giant mountain of snow dissolve into mist in the air.     DSC_0825
There is plenty of time to think when you are snow blowing; it takes a long time to demolish 800 feet tall drifts.  I started thinking that if I was going to have to do this more often I should get my own snow blowing clothes rather than borrow my husband’s ugly baby-poop colored, but oh-so-warm, Carhartt overalls.   I wondered if they came in black. (they do – I Googled)   Black would look much better on me, it’s slimming.    Black  Carhartts would also match the new hat and mittens I bought for snow blowing.
I took a picture of them to show off  how cute they are close up.  The falling snow tends to obscure their brightness as it covers me.
Then I started wondering if my oh-so-warm but monstrous and ugly Sorel boots come in another color.   I’d love for them to look more like my rubber boots. 
I wore these boots with wool socks on Thursday night to help dig my daughter’s car when it was stuck in a drift.   She was wearing my Sorel boots.  I wasn’t out in the blizzard too long but my feet stayed warm  and dry.   Both neighbors complimented me on my boots;  I might be on to something.     Or they may just think I’m crazy.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I think you might just need a Skidsteer or something remind me of the little boy sticking his finger in the dam holding the water back. How about snow certainly seem to get dumped on there. Those pink boots are awfully cute..and yes..go for the black carharts you are worth it:)

Anonymous said...

Just love your post. Yes they have black and check it out I beleive there are some warm fashin boots. love MOM

Missy said...

Crazy is what they were thinking I am sure lol, I mean have you ever seen anyone wear rubber boots out in the snow, lol. I love ya Mary!! You are so cute!! LOL