Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Sprang

Today is my favorite day of spring. It was the day that everything turns green. Yesterday, there were patches of green here and there but today there is green everywhere. I love this day. It happens every year, overnight. Earth turns green.

I worked in my garden today, cleaning after winter and looking at the flower spouts that I wonder about each year. Will those flowers come up? Did the maple tree make it through the winter? Will my lilac bloom this year? I tried to remember what color those clump of tulips would be when they bloomed. My dog, PD and I worked in the gardens for a few hours and played ball in the sun. It was a good day. Today was the first day that it felt like summer might actually get here. It reached 80 degrees this afternoon.

But then....

The breaking news on the on-line newspaper says "Cold front moving into region"

By this evening, the wind was blowing and he temperature had fallen over 20 degrees in a few hours.

It might snow.

I'm so anxious for summer and warm days that I might cry if I see snow. At the very least, I'll be a little bit crabby.

So don't try to talk to me tomorrow. I'll be unmerry Mary.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like you had a great day, as we did here also..we worked on the last of the we need about dusty , dirty work. It is a little more green here than it was, you are probably warmer in the city. All the concrete!
I heard it might snow too, it won't last tho..I have a new camera and I would like to see how it takes photos of snow..but then it can melt. :)

Anonymous said...

Blahhh Snow!!? What the heck Merry Mary? I hope your plants stay safe! Hang in there. Love reading your blog.